If you’re not aware that Paid guest posting can be a great way to start your business, especially for bloggers and writers.

The possibility of having your content featured posted on a blog of someone else’s will not only help to get your name noticed however, it could also help:

  • Help expand your blog.
  • More people will be reading your blog than you would through your blog.
  • Make your portfolio available at no cost
  • Get your clients
  • Find long-term writing assignments for freelance writers.

For those who are just beginning freelance writing Guest posting opportunities can definitely boost your business, and you’ll become more effective as a writer.

How do you get an article that is a guest post? Do you have any rules for guest posts?

The Game of Guest Posting & Finding Opportunities

When I first began freelance writing, I found on a lot of freelance writers’ websites writing sites, where they could write.

Guest post opportunities such as She Owns It, Social Media Examiner, Life Hack and Addicted 2 success to give a few examples.

At first, I believed these were writing clients of theirs however, after I had a look at certain websites I found they were accepting guest posts.

So, as any shrewd journalist would be, I attempted to write a guest post for the websites I noticed other freelance writers who guest posted on. However, I was never accepted.

Then, when I was aware of how to follow the “rules” for guest posting which I was able to secure guest blog posts on popular blogs.

In the next few days, I was approached by bloggers wanting to know if I wanted to be a guest blogger on their website.

And then, discovered paid guest posts.

How did I accomplish this?

Before we go into the guidelines for guest blogging, let’s go over the process of determining whether or not a specific website is one that’s suitable to guest post on.

What Do Guest Posting Opportunities Want in a Writer?

There are two possible paths to consider when you choose to post a guest blog:

  1. Post a guest on well-known website
  2. Post a guest blog on a niche website

Which is the best?

Both are excellent to write guest posts on when you’re a freelance writer. Let’s take a look at two ways to secure a customer. Both of them could bring in more revenue by offering your content at no cost.

Guest Post on a Popular Site

Popular websites, also referred to as authoritative sites, are websites which are well-known to the general public and rank high on google’s index. For instance:

  • Problogger
  • Huffington Post
  • Copyblogger
  • Entrepreneur
  • Wisebread
  • Zapier

But, what happens if you don’t know one of these websites?

When I first began freelance writing I didn’t know anything of Problogger and Wisebread.

I was a stay-at home mom , and blogging was not my thing.

In order to determine whether these websites are actually famous, I visited Similar Web to find out more information about these websites.

Alexa will quickly provide an overview of the analysis of a specific website and let you know whether it’s worth guest-posting on.

Even when you discover high-quality sites that you can write guest posts on, it could be extremely difficult to get your article published on their site.

Some websites don’t allow guest posts; instead, they approach you and invite you to guest blog.

It’s worth it however, to present your idea at them to see what happens out of it.

The main benefit of guest posts on a rank website is the amount of people who can view your post and sharing the content on social media.

If you can show high-quality social evidence that your content is able to create traffic and engagement this shows potential customers your credibility to replicate this success for them.

If you have a compelling bio of your author for your guest blog You’ll have no issues in getting potential clients to contact you.

Make sure that the website you’re planning to guest blog on has a better quality domain over your own. This will ensure that more people will see your guest post which gives you a higher chance of getting a new client.

Guest Post on a Targeted Niche Site

For those who are new to freelance writing It’s more beneficial to be a jack of all trades. If I’m able to write on any topic, I’ll find more work and make more money.

This is, however, far from the reality. According to Francesca Nicasio,

It is important to narrow your scope and just write about specific subjects or sectors. This will make it easier for you to identify clients, create material, and the most important part — make more money. The more you are focused on a specific area you become an expert you are; which can allow you to get higher prices because companies are more likely to pay more for content created by people who are experts in their field.

If you’re considering taking the plunge into freelance writing, you may be interested in the possibility of focusing on a specific niche or areas you’d like to focus on when searching for guest post opportunities.

To help narrow your narrow your focus, you can blog on niches that you are interested in to build your knowledge within that particular field.

For me, as a mother, I believed the subject of parenting could write about.

Additionally I can also write about education, since my education lies in Psychology.

In addition, from guest posts on various niches I discovered that I also enjoy writing about,

  • Natural health
  • Social media
  • Marketing via digital

Through guest posting on targeted areas I was able gain clients in those specific areas and also earn higher rates due to my specializations.

Landing Your Next Guest Post Opportunity

Once you have discovered a website you would like to guest blog on How can you be sure that you get accepted?

Here are six guidelines to help you get your next guest blog post and earn you more money.

1. Read the Blog You Want to Guest Post On

It may seem like something that’s easy however, many people would like to have their author bios and links to a different website and don’t care about the blog it’s on.

If you don’t want to risk your writing pitch to end up on the list of rejected submissions it is recommended to look over a few blog articles to figure out whether this is the best blog to write a guest post for.

While reading some blog posts on the website check out:

  • The length of blog post. Do they go over 2000 words, or are they concise and straight to the point?
  • What kind of content can you find posted on the site? Are they mostly opinion-based or is the blog full of useful advice for users?
  • What is their position in the blog that you would like to guest blog on? If you would like to write a guest blog on a site that is purely natural Does this website believe in vaccinations? attachment parenting? 100% organic? Being aware of this will increase your chance of being accepted as a guest blogger

2. Read the Guest Post Guidelines

It is not the case that every website that offers guest posting advertises it. If you Google, “site name + guest posting” you will quickly discover whether they actually do.

Here’s the result of Hubspot and whether they provide guest blogging — which they do!

It’s crucial to review the guidelines for guest posts submission because each website may have different guidelines.

Some people only want the headline when you email them, others would prefer the finalized draft, complete with an image.

Some sites may be more specific regarding the formatting. For instance, Zapier has a style guide that describes exact requirements they require from writers.

Certain sections they need to follow, and if you don’t adhere to the instructions, you’ll not be considered.

Some places offer specific methods to submit your post.

FreelancerFAQs will only ask you to contact them with your idea for a guest post.

Make sure to study the entire guest post submission page , and you’ll be a step closer to securing your guest post.

3. Have Your Guest Post Properly Formatted

If a site for guest posting doesn’t provide a way to publish your post to be written, you’re able to choose creating your post using HTML, MS Word or Google Docs.

The issue arises in the event that the administrator of the guest post site must integrate your post into their system for managing content (CMS).

It’s not always a smooth change.

If you’re not making use of MS Word or Google Docs properly The editor will need to address issues with spacing and heading styles manually. This could drive editors somewhat crazy!

In order to gain the respect of the people who are deciding your guest’s fate Use the appropriate style!

Did you know that MS Word and Google Docs have distinct styles?

If you employ styles, it fixes any issues you might encounter.

Another problem editors have to deal with is spacing.

If you are writing your document using Word as well as Google Docs, most likely you type twice between paragraphs.

If your post is created with a CMS these spaces multiply. The editor has to manually address the spacing issues that are present in your article.

To prevent this from happening it is necessary to determine the spacing of your paragraphs.

At present, I can think of one method of accomplishing this: manually. Here are two options to accomplish this:

Complete your post by only one entry for each paragraph.

Highlight your text, and then go to FORMAT> LINE SPACING > add space following PARAGRAPH

Another option is to begin your article and, before each new paragraph, you need to manually design the line spacing manually by using FORMAT, like the example above.

If this seems too to your needs, Google Docs also has an amazing add-on for helping in this situation The Publish in WordPress add-on.

It’s free and lets you write your article in Google Docs and immediately publish it on your WordPress website.

There’s no reason to go to your website! But, this will not necessarily assist with the guest post you’re writing.

If you’re using MS Word in Windows, follow this link to get instructions on how to fix space issues on the document.

If you are using MS Word for Mac, in order to make an easy fix to your document, you’ll be required to select EDIT> FIND REPLACE. It will display an additional panel.

Select “Replace All” until it is finished. After it’s finished you should have no space between paragraphs.

Sometimes, however, Word will miss a mark, which means you’ll be required to manually delete the space manually.

When your document is clear of spaces, you can select it all , then open FORMAT> PARAGRAPH

MS Word opens up the Paragraph Indents and Spacing tab.

Within”Spacing” section, in the “Spacing” section, set the “Spacing” section to set your “Before” to 0 and the “After” to Auto.

Make sure you set Your “Line Spacing” to single. Click “Ok.” Your document is correctly formatted.

The text may appear exactly the same as it did before you experimented playing around with it. However, once it’s formatted using a CMS the result will be that there won’t any gaps that are too large between your paragraphs.

4. Always Be Friendly in Your Pitch

Blog owners and editors get hundreds of requests for guest blog posts on a regular basis.

They must sort through a lot of pitches and If you want yours to be memorable, you need to be unique in your pitch.

Since the majority of blogs that allow guest posting are overloaded with requests to post guest posts, you can make yourself stand out by:

  • The Editor’s Name (if you are familiar with the name)
  • Mention you’re a regular reader or follower of this blog (or refer to a post you like)
  • Explain how your blog post can aid in filling the gap in the content, enhance existing content, or even develop a new subject matter

Be human, first and foremost. If you’ve got a standard template that you follow, get rid of it.

Blog owners and editors are able to tell whether they’ve received a cookie-cutter pitch letter.

An added benefit is that if you’ve been following the blog you’re planning to guest write on and left thoughtful comments The editor or blog owner will notice your personality in your post.

It will leave an permanent impression for them. This could help you to get the opportunity to write a guest blog on their website.

Make your pitch unique every time!

5. Mention Other Places You’ve Guest Posted On

If you’ve had guest posts on other sites that are popular include this information during your proposal.

Editors need confidence in your abilities to write popular content.

Even if the post is scheduled to be published make sure you include it when you write the mail you’ll send.

If you are able to prove your credibility as an efficient blogger, editor or writer, blog owners will be more at ease accepting guest posts from you.

It’s never hurt to make a mention names too. Based on Mary Jaksch, of Write to Done mention an influential blogger’s name could get you a guest posting position,

It’s always a good idea to introduce yourself. Our student from our A-List Blogger Club recently pitched a major blogger and said “I’m in a mentoring program with Leo Babauta and Mary Jaksch.” He was offered the job.

Don’t be concerned even if you don’t have guest posts to your name Keep pitching. It’s the writing that will stand out and earn you that guest post.

6. Spend Twice as Much Time on Your Guest Post Than on Your Own Blog Posts

Did you know this before?

Many bloggers work for hours upon hours revising and tweaking their guest blog post before they send it out.

Why do they sigh over guest posts?

Since they know that a lot of viewers will be viewing their content.

If you’re lucky enough to publish your article published on Smart Blogger, Copyblogger or ProBlogger and you’re aware of the potential of your post on these blogs in relation the blog you have on.

Therefore, instead of repurposing content from the past or creating a brand new article, you should reduce the speed of your writing:

  • Find 10–20 headlines
  • Search for keywords that are relevant to your blog post
  • Create subheadings with a catchy catchy design.
  • Check your points and ensure you’ve got relevant hyperlinks from the website that you’re guest posting on
  • Draft your rough draft, then rest for a few days before you edit it.
  • You can have others edit your work and then run through editing software like Grammarly.
  • You should proofread the document one more time before sending it out

If you are able to make the effort to clarify your ideas and make your writing less rambling it will result in more effective writing.

Paid Guest Post Opportunities: Are They Worth It?

Some freelance writers may be thinking that guest posts paid for can be a better option for guest blogging since you can get an author’s bio and cash.

Based on my own experiences, I have found that the process of pitching and working with blogs offering opportunities for paid guest posts are more rigid and strict in their demands.

Additionally, it could be delayed for months before you can see it, and you’ll have a lot of stress dealing to an editor.

Let me tell you, it’s best to get post-guest posts for “free” first to build your portfolio. Then, you may consider an opportunity to pay for guest posts later.

Here are a few websites that pay writers:

  • Sites that pay $100 to write
  • Sites that pay $200 to write
  • 30 Websites Pay Up to $700 for Posts

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What About Guest Posting on Medium?

Medium is a blog platform that has more than 60 million users.

Writers are able to create profiles for themselves on Medium and write what they’d like. Medium also hosts a variety of publications which writers are able to guest post on.

To be considered to be considered for these publications and to be paid for writing on Medium You’ll need to join the Medium Partner Program. The cost costs around $5 per month.

This lets you browse through everything on Medium and even be able contribute as a guest blogger.

It’s been a while since I’ve joined Medium for quite a while and have joined more than 13 publications.

Although you can make money writing and publishing your work on your profile, you’ll earn more cash when you publish on an online publication because the money you earn is contingent upon engagement such as times spent reading, clapping, and comments.

Whatever the instance the writing process on Medium is a fantastic method to develop your writing abilities and prepare yourself for guest postings and increasing your customer base.

Just Go For It — Land Your Next Guest Post Opportunity

When you look at it, it all comes down to your self-confidence as a writer for hire and your determination to pursue it.

If you’re just beginning out in the field Don’t even think about landing the opportunity to guest blog on Copyblogger but, at least for now.

Instead, you should focus on the dip and dipping your toes in niche websites that are smaller and less specialized.

Possessing a few guest blogs on these websites will bring you some clips to your portfolio, and also establish you as a professional freelancer.

So, tell me what’s your best tip to get a guest post each time you present your idea?

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